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Call for Challenges: Clean Energy in Indonesia

We are looking for challenges faced by the resource-poor in Indonesia related to energy. These might include, for example, the lack of access to off-grid energy OR the use of polluting fuels for cooking. The challenge you suggest can involve any aspect of energy – energy generation, energy use, energy efficiency, remediation challenges related to energy, and more.

We invite you to submit your ideas to help us identify key challenges.
Deadline: 11:59PM PST – March 9th

If we were to solve the energy challenge you are thinking about, could we improve the livelihoods of rural Indonesians by improving health, increasing incomes, fostering greater literacy and access to education, or improving the environment of their community? We’re not asking for the solution (not yet…that comes later). We’re asking for your help to let us know what you think are the most important challenges that need innovative solutions.


Our team will carefully evaluate all the challenges we receive – both from our on-line call for challenges as well as our local work interacting with people in the communities we’re targeting. Our selection of the challenges we’re going to pursue will be announced in late March. After that, watch our blog to contribute to the call for solutions we’ll be launching next.

Demand Driven Green-Energy Innovation in Indonesia Partners

The goal of this World Bank supported project is to generate demand-driven innovations in clean energy that address critical challenges faced by the resource-poor in rural Indonesia.

Together, INOTEK Foundation, GATD Foundation, The Apex Consulting Group, Catapult Design, and the World Bank Group are working to define specific challenges in rural communities that may be addressed with technology- and/or knowledge-based solutions. The project will subsequently develop demand-driven solutions and supporting business models, as well as seek implementing partners to enable the solutions to have impact in local communities.

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