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Our top tweets from 2013


1. Mobile banking: Is it a phone, is it a bank? Safaricom widens its services to include savings/loans – 

2. @USAID announces 10 Feed the Future Innovation Labs to increase food security & help farmers boost incomes.

3. So cool. @thekopernik uses SWEETLab sensors + @FrontlineSMS to gather user feedback, improve product line.  #Indonesia

4. “Keeping rural #water systems working is perhaps even more important than building them.” 

5. An Anti-iPad for #India (and why the West doesn’t understand mobile business in the developing world) –

6. Why does #Kenya lead the world in mobile money? @TheEconomist explains: 

7. Rwandan govt announces plans to provide high-speed 4G internet to 95% of citizens in the next three years –

8. BOOK: “Ethnography and the City” is a collection of ethnographic research methods from esteemed urban ethnographers –

9. @ProximityDesign on how to design products for people making $2/day:  #Myanmar

10. VIDEO: Why promising innovations fail to deliver… “Crossing the ‘Last Mile’: Delivery Strategies for the BoP” 

11. Samsung unveils their “Solar Powered Health Centre” model in #Africa 

12. “The worst thing that can happen for the poor is that the next generation of entrepreneurs end up in Silicon Valley.”


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