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Leveraging Corporate Capacity For Social Good

Client/Funder: Aporta
Location: Lima, Peru
Catapult Service Line: Education
Thematic Area: Enterprise


Grupo Breca is a conglomerate of Peruvian corporations representing the agriculture, mining, urban planning, health services sectors, and more. The conglomerate has a financial value of several billions of dollars as well as the ability to access nearly every socioeconomic class within Peru. Each company dedicates internal resources and budget towards socially responsible programs within their stakeholder communities. To comprehend impact, Grupo Breca wanted to create a common framework that will help each company design its programs with impact at the core.


Catapult worked with Aporta, Grupo Breca’s internal team championing social impact, to develop a framework inspired by the design process. Catapult and Aporta spent two weeks working together in Lima to build Aporta’s internal capacity, interview select companies within the conglomerate, and map out the ways in which companies go about creating projects within their communities. Catapult further developed the framework using this contextual information and returned to Lima for another few weeks to work with Aporta on more training and implementation of the new system for program design.


At the end of our engagement, Catapult and Aporta had defined a program design process that starts with three fundamentals: a specific problem, intended beneficiaries, and impact. The Aporta team helps shape these three areas through design research with each company as well as community members affected by the company. Through a defined process of prototyping and testing, the Aporta team then shepherds companies through iterative activities to help refine their projects before mass implementation. The intended result: new approaches to old problems with a mechanism for learning and iteration.