Catapult’s research work is a mix of client-sponsored and grant-funded research and resource development on social impact design and design for development. We leverage our global network of designers and practitioners to root our research work in on-the-ground realities and distribute the outcomes through media that are accessible to a wide audience.

Our Services

  • + Conduct research on design for social impact and development
  • + Co-develop resources and knowledge sharing platforms
  • + Strategies for defining, collecting, and analyzing social, environmental, and economic data for the use in evaluating the efficacy of a product
  • + Staff initiated design projects based on opportunity areas we identify. Some of our ideas include:
    • Designing products and services to solve waste problems in small towns in Mexico
    • Developing a solution to collect, synthesize, format, and disseminate data on poor and underserved customers
    • Creating a university-level textbook on the many facets of design in the social sector

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