Department: Design Team

Angela Hariche

Angela Hariche joined Catapult Design as CEO in May 2019. Angela has extensive experience in the international development space working with the United Nations, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the philanthropic sector, and social entrepreneurs. She has led major initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals in Liberia, Indonesia, India, the U.S, Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh… Read more »

Nadine Foik

Nadine is a designer and facilitator with experience in service and product design, human-centered practices, organizational capacity-building, and design management. A creative problem-solver and systems-nerd, her passion lies in visualizing and optimizing experiences to develop frameworks for sustainable social impact. As Design Manager at Catapult Design, Nadine oversees all operational matters and manages project contracts,… Read more »

Noel Wilson

Noel is a multi-skilled designer with a passion for creating quality communications, illustrations, systems and products. As a global designer he spends the majority of his time wandering the globe (in-person and virtually) immersed in projects, host communities, and multi-disciplinary teams addressing a broad range of design challenges. He frequently speaks at design conferences and… Read more »

Karin Carter

Karin is a designer and educator with diverse expertise as each. As an in-house designer, she worked on the advanced innovation teams at Nike and The North Face–working hands-on with global partners to research, invent, and develop new technologies for athletic gear. As a design consultant, she helps multinationals and start-ups alike in getting their… Read more »

Adam Horbinski

Adam is a product designer whose passion lies at the intersection of social innovation and product development. Drawing on his early experiences assisting disabled adults and homeless youth, Adam’s aim is in leveraging design to address the unmet needs of marginalized communities. His experience spans a number of industries and disciplines, from working as a… Read more »

Payan ole-MoiYoi

Payan began his product design career in Seattle in 2010, after 7 years of experience in the civil engineering sector as a geologist and environmental scientist. Since 2013 he has been operating out of Kenya, providing design expertise for projects and companies across Africa. His expertise spans the entire product development cycle from ideation to… Read more »

Charlie Sellers

Charlie has a background in advanced materials (metals and ceramics) development – spending 10 years at a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory and +10 years in industry working at international manufacturing operations, including 2 years in China operating rare earth magnet factories.  He is adept at troubleshooting problems and bringing new products to market, in both… Read more »

Rikta Krishnaswamy

Rikta is a design researcher and strategist with experience working in emerging markets in India, East Africa, Indonesia and Cambodia for over a decade. Her work spans domains of financial inclusion, public health, WASH, waste management, family planning, adolescent sexual reproductive health, as well as consumer products and grassroots technology platforms. Rikta holds a Graduate… Read more »