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Noel Wilson

Product Designer

Noel Wilson

Noel is a multi-skilled designer with a passion for creating quality communications, illustrations, systems, and products. As a global designer, he spends the majority of his time wandering the globe (in-person and virtually) immersed in projects, host communities, and multi-disciplinary teams addressing a broad range of design challenges. He frequently speaks at design conferences and events about facilitating design in cross-cultural contexts and also proselytizes design value to the big acronyms in DC whenever he gets the chance.

Noel has a broad range of previous experience, from rapid prototyping, technology R&D, playground design, design education, bicycle empowerment, to disabled/aged/child care. He has lived and worked in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America and continues to love experiencing and exploring humanity and its diversity. Noel is fueled by the belief that all demographics deserve access to innovation and iteration tools, and has dedicated his design career to social empowerment. With his downtime, he makes toys, good food, and bad jokes.

Noel has a Bachelor of Industrial Design with Honors from the University of South Australia (with an exchange to Carleton University, Ottawa) and a BA in Professional Writing and Communication also from the University of South Australia.