Catherine Howard Lovazzano

Catherine Howard Lovazzano leads UX Research at Nest, Google. Previously, she led the pathfinding research on the Connection team at Facebook and was the Director of the Lifestyle Research Lab at Samsung in San Francisco. In her past position as the Head of Consumer Trends and Foresight at Chrysler, Catherine led a hybrid team of social scientists, engineers, and designers in the discovery and understanding of macro forces that shape the future of human mobility. As an anthropologist, strategist and designer, she brings expertise in human behavior and attitudinal insight to inform the development of new and exciting experiences, products, and services. She recently contributed her expertise to a project on financial services for coffee farmers in Mexico with the Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion at UC Irvine. She was also previously a senior associate at growth strategy firm Jump Associates, researcher for Wired Magazine, and a documentary film producer. She is a frequent lecturer on design research methods for Stanford, CCA, and UC Berkeley. She holds a M.Sc. in Material Anthropology from the University of Oxford, focused on photography and indigenous self-representation, and a BA in Anthropology from UCLA. When not exploring the latest cultural trends, Catherine is a competitive open-water rower and plays bass in an indie rock band.