Emmanuel Nandokha

Emmanuel is a people and organizational development expert who loves working with people to
improve their lives, work, and organizations. With a diverse background in education, counseling psychology, human-centered design, neuro-linguistic programming, and entrepreneurship, Emmanuel seeks to use his diverse skills and background to solve the challenges that face individuals, organizations and communities.
He has over the years worked with different organizations like The World Bank and The African Development Bank, UN Women, USAID, Mastercard Foundation, Mckinsey, CARE Somalia, Accion International, Financial Sector Deepening Africa, Pharm Access among others.
In the area of Innovation and Human-Centered Design, he has worked on innovative products and solutions for firms in the finance sector, waste management, higher education, international development, cooperatives, the retail sector, the airline industry, Youth, Health Care, Health Financing, Manufacturing and Educational Technology.