Maria Presley

Maria is receiving a Specializing Master’s in Service Design at Politecnico di Milano’s As a  service designer her life’s mission is to expand opportunities for those who are being left behind by transformations to technology, work, and society.  This has led her to design and deliver social impact programs in more than 15 countries, harnessing a skill set in ethnography, storytelling, and co-design with local people.
Maria has worked on a range of high-profile program and activity designs benefiting the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), other foreign governments, and private sector clients. She has technical specialization in democracy and governance strengthening, working on issues as diverse as improving digital literacy in Bangladesh to supporting civil society sustainability in Jamaica to preventing violent extremism in Mali and Tunisia.
In her free time, Maria loves to spend time hiking and biking in the great outdoors. She’s also an avid tennis fan and former Division 1 player. Maria holds her bachelor’s degree in religion, a master’s degree specializing in ethics and theology, and a forthcoming master’s degree in service design.