Scott Boylston

Scott Boylston is co-author and graduate coordinator of the Design for Sustainability program at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). He’s the author of four books including one on sustainable package design, a volume of poetry on environmental degradation, and his latest, “Designing with Society.” Scott is the founder and president emeritus of Emergent Structures, an award winning non-profit organization that facilitates the deconstruction of unwanted houses and the innovative re-purposing of the resulting materials into community-based resources. He is principal at bc+d, a sustainable design consultancy, and partner in Essentia, a closed-loop, urban food service innovation group. Scott’s a member of the Founders Circle of the Winterhouse Institute, and has served on the state board of directors for USGBC-Georgia and the Governing Council of the National Academy of Environmental Design. He speaks and writes internationally on design and sustainability, including a Design for Sustainability course on LinkedIn Learning.