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In many ways, entrepreneurship is very much at the heart of Catapult’s mission. For many entrepreneurs looking to enhance their communities and improve the lives of people around them, though, barriers to success abound. We see a world where entrepreneurs have the support they need to build the next impactful solution. Catapult strives to partner with emerging entrepreneurs around the world in order to make economic opportunity more equitable.


By appealing to consumerism, design has been complicit in environmental damage. At Catapult, we believe design can create products and places that address immediate needs while also improving environmental conditions. With that in mind, one of our core practice areas is developing internal and client-based programs to ensure new products address environmental challenges.

Global Health

The inequalities in global health are extreme, but we believe good design can help to close them. Using a systems approach and a participatory design method, we pursue projects that create greater equity in public health, focusing on community health programs, sexual and reproductive health, and COVID-related projects.


Design has marginalized too many groups for too long, so we bring focus on making the design process itself more inclusive. We have a record of work in innovations for aging, designing with women, and mobility for all. We also work with partners who are trying to close the gaps in early learning inequities, COVID-related projects, and working towards Sustainable Development Goals.

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