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Cooper Hewitt Design Salon: Social Impact

How can designers change the paradigm of creative production to amplify emerging creatives’ ideas, support individuals to be self-sufficient, and use design radically to solve global issues? Join Cooper Hewitt and 2020 National Design Award winners Abrima Erwiah of Studio One Eighty Nine (Emerging Designer Award), Aziz Hasan of Kickstarter (Design Visionary Award) and Angela… Read more »

Our top ten must-reads of 2012

Our top ten must-reads of 2012: design, social entrepreneurship, development

Design Skills and Life

How can I, in my daily life, actively cultivate the skills I need as an engineer and designer?

4 ways to break the design process mold

Four ways to break out of the design process mold: design mind-meld, extreme co-creation, destabilization, user-originated design.

Catapult Labs 2012: this May in San Francisco!

Our first design event brings together the Bay Area design and engineering community to learn new tools and methods that drive social change!