In the News: Catapult Design’s Pedicab Project

In an effort to modernize urban transportation in parts of Southeast Asia, Catapult Design is preparing to launch its prototype for a new kind of pedicab (tuk-tuk, beck, cyclo, or rickshaw). In this recent article, ABC News nicely highlighted some of the challenges and exciting design directions of the open-sourced prototypes that will soon take to the roads. The project is f

Our top tweets from 2013

1. Mobile banking: Is it a phone, is it a bank? Safaricom widens its services to include savings/loans -  2. @USAID announces 10 Feed the Future Innovation Labs to increase food security & help farmers boost incomes. 3. So cool. @thekopernik uses SWEETLab sensors + @FrontlineSMS to gather user feedback, improve product line.

What is demand-driven innovation?

"As the populations moves toward the 9 billion mark and the Earth's climate becomes increasingly variable, we face growing social and environmental problems," is the opening text for, a new site for the international development community. "Solving these problems entails understanding what low-income communities need and want. Developing solutions to tackle these global pro

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